Shawn Roberts

"A New beginning starts by replacing the politicians in washington, D.c. who are more interested in keeping their jobs than benefiting the country and the american people."

The purpose of my Congressional candidacy is simple: Go to Washington and implement the necessary changes that benefit the American People, not the self-absorbed career politicians currently in charge. I realize I can't change the world single-handedly, but I can effect change that counts in Oklahoma and in the United States of America with your support and vote. As a candidate for the 4th District of the Great State of Oklahoma, it is my vision that America be made great once again. Together, we can reinstate the constitutional principles which America was founded upon. Together, we can stop the destructive progressive democrat agenda that has eroded our country to the place where it is almost unrecognizable from what our founding fathers envisioned and implemented. Your vote, your support and your prayers will make this possible in 2016. Can I count on your vote? I know I can, so thank you in advance!
Shawn Roberts

a little bit about my life

My Values

FIRST and foremost is GOD. SECOND only to God is FAMILY.

INTEGRITY: Once you have compromised your integrity, you likely have lost the faith and confidence of those you represent.

SELFLESS SERVICE:  My main concern and objective  is meeting the needs of the American People.

ALL PEOPLE: I will fight for the Constitutional rights of all men and women.

ALL BUSINESSES: All American business owners deserve an equal chance to thrive. Crony-Capitalism is a plague that is destroying the free market.

CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES are critical in maintaining our Republic.  Bipartisanship is a nice thought, but let's face it, not everyone plays by the same rules or has the same guiding principles.

My Military Service

My military service began December 1, 1998 with the Alaska Army National Guard. I attended basic training at Ft. Benning Georgia. I joined the regular Army in December of 2000 when I was stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.           

2002 - Bosnia Stabilization Force 11 Peacekeeper

  2004 - Iraq Multinational Quick Reaction Force

2007 - Baghdad, Iraq      

Awarded Valorous Actions Under Direct and Indirect Enemy Fire
Recognized for Exemplary Leadership
Induction into Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, Served as
Treasurer and Vice President   

What I Believe

god first

First and foremost is God.

family second

Second only to God comes family.

about integrity

Once you have compromised your integrity, you have lost the faith of all those you represent.

selfless service

My main concern above all: The American People

What Are Some of My Positions?

A Gallup survey from January 2013 found that 75 percent of Americans, including huge majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, support term limits on Congress.  If you elect me as your next congressional member of the House of Representative for Oklahoma District 4, I pledge that I will self-limit to a total of three terms served in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I feel a maximum of three terms in the House of Representatives is more than sufficient and fair for any elected official.


Taxation and over-regulation are destroying the American economy. Corporations relocate overseas in search of lower taxes and less regulation resulting in lost jobs for Americans. We need to incentivize American businesses to remain in the United States and allow foreign business interests to prosper here as well. I would propose a fair consumption tax so productivity is not taxed and citizens are taxed only on the goods and services used. Private Sector development should be paramount and government involvement curtailed.


Education is the key to prosperity for current and future generations. In 2014 the United States was ranked 14th in the world for overall education and 32nd in High School literacy. The federal education system should be dismantled and all powers and control for education should be returned to the states and to the local  level communities and school boards. Education at the local level is best achieved due to the uniqueness of every community and demographic makeup.


Legal Immigration into the United States of America is the backbone of who we are as a country and tells the story of where we came from as a blended people. Breaking immigration laws and refusing to uphold legal statutes isn't a badge of compassion as progressive activists would have you to believe, it's a crime against the American People. Funding illegal immigrants by providing everything for them is a massive drain on the American Economy and the American Worker that pays for it all.